Wisconsin Death Trip

Last week I was lucky enough to photograph nu-metal legends Static X who are currently out on tour celebrating the 20th anniversairy of their iconic album; Wisconsin Death Trip. As someone who was only five and a half years old in March 1999 when the album was released it’s fair to say I didn’t catch any of the initial hype and as I got older and got into heavy metal I unfortunately never delved back in time to check out their back catalogue. I was always aware of the name Static X and was more than aware of their enigmatic frontman the late Wayne Static with his trademark hair but still never took the plunge. After photographing their performance with the amazing masked man fronting the band, maybe it’s time I finally stopped listening to the same 5 tracks on repeat and actually checked out something fresh... From all the way back in 1999, what a year.

Joining Static X on this monumental tour were Soil, Wednesday 13 and Dope and below are my 12 favourite images from each act. Enjoy!

Static X:


Wednesday 13: