The Flapper

The Flapper & Firkin is one of Birmingham’s iconic music venues and I’ve found myself working under its brick arched stage a fair bit more lately. This is a venue whose future is currently up in the air with many plans floating around to demolish the site in order to build new inner city housing. Plans to close the venue have already been pushed back once before but do we truly know how long the venue can carry on fighting?

Either way, I’m happy to shoot here till its doors close and carry on supporting small local venues.

Images of the wonderful progressive metal/ rock acts: Xilla & Axiom.


While I wasn’t fortunate at gaining a photopass for Download Festival 2019; I can’t tell you how much I wanted to photograph Slayer’s final UK show, and Lamb Of God, and Behemoth for a second time, or Clutch, can’t forget Trivium, Amon Amarth, Toska, Slash…… I really wanted to be working that weekend!!

Nevertheless I still hoped to do something cool photo related that weekend, I just never imagined it would be shooting my first nightclub. To say I was nervous was a bit of an understatement. I’m used to shooting gigs with the safety of the photo-pit, I don’t have to chat to anyone, just go in take my shots and walk out. Simple.

The prospect of having to walk up to total strangers and initiating some sort of conversation in order to get them to take a photo seemed so daunting to me. I don’t suffer from anxiety or have any sort of social disorders but it was still something which the thought of made me feel uncomfortable.
Thankfully though, it was all in my head.

The idea of chatting to random people, the very thing I was so terrified of doing actually turned out to be what I loved the most. I didn’t have to start a conversation. I just had to say hello and take a photo. If the person wanted to chat afterwards then hell yeah I’m all ears and I met so many cool people in the process. It’s genuinely something I’d love to do again and I really do hope I get the opportunity once again in the future.

For now though, I’m going to leave you with a few random shots from the evening. Thank you!

Harmonies And Heartache

Poor mental health is something which effects us all in one way or another.

It’s a very complex subject and it’s one which I’m not going to dive too deeply into on this platform; a photography based website/ portfolio. What I will say however is that I only have one tattoo, and that tattoo is there in memory of a good friend who I lost last year in November. Depression is taking far too many people and that’s why causes such as Harmonies and Heartache and charities like Mind will always have my support.

Look out for those around you.
The hole people leave behind is way bigger than you could ever imagine.

All Images taken at ‘Harmonies & Heartache; A day of music for mental health awareness’.
For more images keep your eyes on the H&H social media pages.

The local scene is well and truly ALIVE

On Saturday 30th March I made my way down to the O2 Institute Birmingham nice and early to spend the day with some of the West Midlands finest bands. No strangers to my website and headlining the event were Netherhall who were keen to show off their new vocalist to all those who hadn’t caught their recent set at Hard Rock Hell Metal. Joining them were SID as main support along with Axiom and T3tra. This was quite the occasion for T3tra as this was their very first live show, and what a show it was!!

Every now and then you hear someone speaking ill of the local music scene; how there are no decent new bands, it’s dull, every band lacks charisma etc etc. I’m sure the same is said up and down the country in every different scene. Quite simply however; they’re wrong. So many people turned up in support of these amazing bands and I’m certain there would have been so many more if it wasn’t for the fact that there were another 4 shows going on locally.

The scene is thriving. These bands prove it. I really can’t stress enough about how many amazing bands are rising up at the moment who are starting to play bigger venues & on bigger bills.

You can be a part of their rise to victory.

You just have to buy a ticket.

Tour of the Valkyries - Night 1

Standard weekend routine: get my ass down to my beloved Scruffy Murphy’s to photograph a selection of the undergrounds finest metal acts. Last night I was treated to the wonderful ‘The Loved and Lost’; this would actually be the sixth time I’ve had the pleasure of photographing them live and they never disappoint. In tow were the superb Novacrow; a band I’d had the honour of performing with a couple of years back in Wolverhampton with my old band IDE. It’s fair to say that they’ve really grown as a band and are smashing it!!

Joining the lineup were Bled The Fifth and Gallows high, both of which were totally new to me but I was really impressed with both bands. Both absolutely nailed it.