Sunday Slammer

Every now and then I find myself down Subside; a metal club based in Digbeth Birmingham. Subside’s an interesting venue in the sense that it has windows running down the entire room meaning you get sunlight beaming through onto the stage. There’s a point in the evening where the outside sunlight balances with the house stage lights which can make for some beautiful results.

The following images are a small collection of my favourites of each band which feature; Midnight Prophecy, A Titan, A Deity, Second Cities, La Moxie, Making The Martyr and Chaosaroma.

Harmonies And Heartache

Poor mental health is something which effects us all in one way or another.

It’s a very complex subject and it’s one which I’m not going to dive too deeply into on this platform; a photography based website/ portfolio. What I will say however is that I only have one tattoo, and that tattoo is there in memory of a good friend who I lost last year in November. Depression is taking far too many people and that’s why causes such as Harmonies and Heartache and charities like Mind will always have my support.

Look out for those around you.
The hole people leave behind is way bigger than you could ever imagine.

All Images taken at ‘Harmonies & Heartache; A day of music for mental health awareness’.
For more images keep your eyes on the H&H social media pages.