The local scene is well and truly ALIVE

On Saturday 30th March I made my way down to the O2 Institute Birmingham nice and early to spend the day with some of the West Midlands finest bands. No strangers to my website and headlining the event were Netherhall who were keen to show off their new vocalist to all those who hadn’t caught their recent set at Hard Rock Hell Metal. Joining them were SID as main support along with Axiom and T3tra. This was quite the occasion for T3tra as this was their very first live show, and what a show it was!!

Every now and then you hear someone speaking ill of the local music scene; how there are no decent new bands, it’s dull, every band lacks charisma etc etc. I’m sure the same is said up and down the country in every different scene. Quite simply however; they’re wrong. So many people turned up in support of these amazing bands and I’m certain there would have been so many more if it wasn’t for the fact that there were another 4 shows going on locally.

The scene is thriving. These bands prove it. I really can’t stress enough about how many amazing bands are rising up at the moment who are starting to play bigger venues & on bigger bills.

You can be a part of their rise to victory.

You just have to buy a ticket.